Author Q&A w/ Delonte’ Harris: The Story Behind The Boom Book


How did you come up with the idea of Investigation Boom?

I was mostly inspired by my own childhood.  I was ten when I got the idea about Dante’ Boomer.  I had a toy flashlight that I bought with my prize tickets at Dave & Busters and I created a little theme song when I would search for missing things around the house.  When I found it, I would say BOOM!  One thing led to another and an entire world was created about a curious little boy that was always considered mischievous, but was often misunderstood.  A lot of Dante’s life mirrored the translation I had of my life when I was his age.  My teachers would always tell my parents that I couldn’t mind my own business. (Ha)  I just took the things that were familiar to me and put it in this character, but it took me ten years to put the entire story together.

Can we expect more Boom stories in the future?

There will definitely be more stories about Dante’ Boomer, his family, and friends.  We’ve also entertained the idea of expanding the Boom franchise in the near future.  The first two books were sort of the “set up” for Boom’s world.  I wanted readers to get to know the Boomer family and his friends, Trinity and Ziggy.  Without giving too many spoilers, the latest book, The Gastric Apocalypse allowed me to explore more fantasy which I think the kids will enjoy.  It was also cool to see other characters have more responsibility in this story.

How did You come up with the theme of The Gastric Apocalypse?

I’m a huge fan of the Walking Dead and Stranger Things.  When I started writing volume one, I knew I had to have a classic grisly gassy Zombie story in one of the volumes.  Now just seemed like the perfect time. 

What message do you want your readers to receive from Investigation Boom?

The main thing I want readers, especially kids, to know is that you can use your differences for good.  When I was a kid, I was called nosy a lot. And I was nosy. (HA) However, I was able to flip that and create a character that used his curiosity for good–to help solve problems.  I guess that’s the message.  Use the things that makes you different and draw positive things from it.

The latest edition of Investigation Boom is available here.

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