About The Author

In 2012 Delonte’ Harris made a casual visit to Dave and Busters with his family. Once he finished playing, he cashed in his tickets and purchased a flashlight and magnifying glass.  Shortly after the visit, he misplaced the magnifying glass and looked everywhere for it.  He starting singing a little jingle (more like a theme song) he made up about searching for the item and Investigation Boom was born.  He immediately got to work writing the story, adding each chapter over the span of eight years.

Delonte’ was born in 2001 in Pensacola, FL.  In 2008 he started writing short stories and plays over a range of topics including saving princesses and defeating warlocks.  

He put his writing on pause temporarily when he moved to Atlanta, GA and began acting in commercials and television, but he never lost a love for his stories.  He attended North Springs Charter High School from 2015-2019 and found his niche’ working with children with special needs.  Once he graduated, he decided to go back to his first love of writing and telling stories, finishing Volume 1 of Investigation Boom.

Delonte’ considers himself a storyteller. When he’s not working on Boom’s World, he can be found writing music and editing videos.

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