Investigation Boom Volume 3 – Preorder




Something SPOOKY is happening in Poppy Springs…

Halloween is kind of a big deal in Poppy Springs, so much so that it’s even declared a school holiday! As Dante’, prepares for the town’s annual “SPOOKFEST” he notices something…A smell, an awful smell that’s filled the air.

On a mission to find where the smell is coming from, he stumbles upon an abandoned warehouse. To his surprise, the warehouse is filled with…

ZOMBIES!!!Something’s turning the people of Poppy Springs into grizzly, gassy, Zombies! When he tries to warn his parents, they brush him off, telling him it’s just for Halloweeen, but he’s not convinced.

When his investigation discovers clues that hit close to home, he realizes this mission may require reinforcement from an unlikely source.

Will he find out what or WHO’s turning the people of the Poppy Springs into Zombies before it’s too late????


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